Mission Statement

The Ouabache Land Conservancy protects, preserves and restores land in west central Indiana to provide habitat for wildlife, maintain natural scenic beauty, improve water and air quality, while enhancing the quality of life in our communities for future generations.


Who We Are

The Ouabache (pronounced Wabash) Land Conservancy was founded in 2007 as a land trust.  There are currently over 1,700 land trusts in the United States, 26 of which are in the state of Indiana.  The function of most land trusts is to protect natural lands and farmlands from development.  Some land trusts also focus on historic sites.  OLC serves west central Indiana, including Clay, Parke, Putnam, Sullivan, Vermillion, and Vigo Counties.  The Ouabache Land Conservancy is officially a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Corporation recognized by the IRS!  Your donations are fully tax-deductible.


What It Means to Protect Land

Nature is vivacious. Give the plants, animals, bugs, fungi, and waterways a chance to survive, and they’ll thrive. But when 85% of Indiana’s original forests have been destroyed, when species are put at risk of extinction, and when ponds and creeks fill with contaminants and face erosion, nature needs our help.  The Ouabache Land Conservancy (OLC) was founded in 2007 by a bunch of Hoosiers who realized the value of protecting these beautiful natural resources.

Protection, or land stewardship as we call it, involves all the classic conservation techniques: planting native species like milkweeds for monarch butterflies, monitoring threatened species like the Indiana bat, planting trees to control erosion, cleaning up trash and debris, building trails for proper visitation and use, removing invasive species that crowd out helpful plants, strategic land acquisitions to build onto large wildlife corridors, and more. 

These activities help us achieve cleaner water, safe habitats, diverse ecosystems, and meaningful ways for people to connect with nature. We can do more with your help — volunteer, donate funds, and spread the word.

All photography provided by Marty Jones and Ouabache Land Conservancy.

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